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Absolutely! 24x7x365 is for real! We are committed live and available 365 days of the year, irrespective of holiday or weekends. At the same time we are providing out team of professional agents, with paid annual leave, sick leave and other basic amenities. 

In a normal situation a lead comprises of a name, phone number and email or a name and a phone number or a name and email or a phone and email of simply a phone or email. However, our professional agents endeavor to acquire all three or at least one detail with a name. 

Live Chat is beneficial in one too many ways and to details important features:

  • Extremely lucrative as reduces cost.
  • Creates Value for your customers.
  • Gives you return for ROI through increase in sales.
  • Record conversations for a later review.

With Live Chat you are in instant communication with your website visitors.

Once the backend process is completed with acquiring your requirements of information. we share with you a attractive java code icone, to be placed on your website.

Your website visitors clicks on that icon, where are agent greets and engages in a conversation to know the requirements of the visitor and at the same time, obtain the required contact details. Once the required information is acquired, the entire conversation is instantly transferred in real time to your email and or CRM.

Customer service has been, is and will always be an integral part of any business, no matter the business size. Live Chat gains you the edge over your competitor, to sustain and create value for your customer.

With the businesses aggressively switching to digital mediums, live chat has become an integral part of every business for the simple reason, that it is more convenient for customer to connect, instead of having to phone at odd hours or wait in que to be connected. With live chat, customers get their answers easily and instantly, helping them plan accordingly. Not only is time saved, but you also have a satisfied customer!

Yes, Live Chat consists of real “humans”.

Compared to Live Chat, there is also chatbots, also know as artificial intelligent computer program. Chatbots answer pre-programed questions, whereby, actual questions go unanswered as chatbots are not responsive to queries not in database.

Website visitors prefer Live Chat, as they prefer to chat with live humans, as they become more comfortable with their queries being answered. The probability of conversion to actual paying customers is 99%, compared to a robot support.

Through Live Chat, the probability of conversion rate increases. 

How? It is because of the instant connection of our professionals with you visitor, quick responses, personalized questions, less waiting time for the visitor and a lot more which increases the probability of converting a visitor to an actual paying customer. Subsequently, more conversions results in more sales, with a better ROI!

Live Chat Support is a web-based service that provisions real time communication, between a website visitor and the business. It save a lot of time, creating happy customer and converting new visitors to actual paying customers.

Live Phone support on the other hand is available for conventional existing and new customers, who prefer to call for queries, technical support  or resolution of issues, be it any hour!

Think of Live Chat & Phone Support as a 24x7x365 “receptionist”, who is there, even when your not!

Once you complete the sign-up process, we will share a quick questionnaire with you. If  and where required, we will coordinate short session for a better comprehension.  Thereafter, we will train our team of professionals based on the questionnaire and FAQ’s you will provide. Our professional agents will respond to your site visitors, just as an individual from your office will.

It doesn’t take more than a minute as its just a copy/paste process. If you would like we will do it for you or you have the option of doing it yourself or can have your developer add the script. 

Definitely and which is know is proactive chat. Proactive chat is more beneficial that it instantly attracts a visitors towards instant help, which increases the probability of more conversions and sales.

It is most definitely possible, to acquire agents for specific time frames like weekends or off-peak hours etc. However, the price structure is different. Talk to us for lucrative solutions and options.

Yes, a free trial is offered for a period of 14 days with only a setup fee of UKP £100 or USD $100. Should you decide to continue, you will be charge for the remaining days, thereafter!

We try to be as supportive as possible to our valuable customers. Our chat services is based on month to month, without any bindings, whatsoever! You will only sign a document giving us permission to access your website to provide you with the desired services.

Should you wish to temporarily suspend services or discontinue, you will have to inform us latest by the 22nd of every physical month. Any intimation received thereafter, will carry over with continued services for that month and you will be charge. Subsequently, your services in accordance with request received will be suspended or terminated accordingly.

The following options are available:

  • Auto Direct Debit – UK (preferred)
  • Paypal – UK & USA

We are registered in the United Kingdom and have extended our service boundaries to the United States and Canada. By the close of 2020, we expect to have crossed boundaries into Australia and New Zealand.

Social media marketing is implementing and improvising the use of some or all social media platforms to promote businesses, services and or products, through various marketing strategies, developing a wider awareness thorough presence, attracting attention of the maximum possible audience. 

In a nutshell, with the various tools used, social media, provides an outline along with in depths analysis of a business, product or services, uncovering strength and weakness, which are integral part towards development and growth, success and failures.

Social Media Management & Marketing Agencies, improvise with existing content like related information, videos, blogs and a lot more. Based on the objective and target, content is researched and scrutinized according to audience preference; the core objective being to create interest through attraction, reaching out to the maximum number of eyes.

Life teaches you do’s and don’t. Ultimately the choice is yours!
Hiring a SMMA is a “do”! Why?
Done correctly, SMMA will give you an amazing ROI!
A good SMMA will align your business objectives and goals along side your social media plans, with positive returns and growth of your business.

A very simple question, however, confusing for some.

With social media management, your social media business page is looked after on your behalf, with weekly posts, updates, articles, media connecting etc.

With social media marketing, paid campaigns are run based on your requirements, needs, audience, niche and a lot more. Marketing strategies are formulated, content and media specific posts are designed with a lot more backend work going into it, towards running a successful social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing is not only cheap, but the “cheapest” advertising method and process, compared to all traditional and conventional methods put together.

To begin with, a campaign depends on your niche and how popular you are. A normal campaign with good visibility or presence can last from six weeks to six month. However, to create that awareness or branding and reaching out to potential prospects, the duration can of course me more leading to a year. It all depends on how vigriously one wants to go with it!

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. It is the process through which website traffic is acquired through different strategies from or through editorials and or naturally through search engines. 

It is all based on types of keywords and understanding how search engines ranks those keywords through their algorithms. Through well written blogs and articles, search engines crawl those keywords and based on the relevance, the algorithm takes into consideration the ranking of those words, listing content to show up in top 10 searches on the first page of search. 

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization.

It is the process used to optimize a website to organically get traffic through search engines. In simple words, search engines scan and or crawl websites to understand what the site is all about. To understand the site search engines will crawl or scan the site and will identify and memorize phrases and words aka keywords into its memory.

These keywords upon being search will be displayed by search engines in order of preference or how widely or commonly a keywords is used.

The process though interesting is intriguing as well as a lot of research is required with content writing and placement at different free and paid platforms.

Yes, there are types of SEO’s, namely Onpage SEO, Off Page SEO and  Technical SEO.

Depending on the objective, it will be wise to consider the three forms comprising SEO, towards a more optimized and executable optimizing plan.

Answering part two of the question first, the duration can take a minimum of six months to a year or over and needs to be sustained thereafter to maintain the positioning.

The cost of SEO service charge varies, based on various factor. A good SEO services starts at an average of £/$ 1500 and going up. It all depends.

Remember, there is nothing like “one time seo”!

If you are:

  • wanting to just be known or for brand recognition or 
  • serious of having a stable presence in the future and or
  • you conceptualizing future asset 

then it will be wise to:

  • invest and spend now
  • sooner – rather than later

It is worth the investment!

In a normal case scenario and dependent on various factors, it take a minimum of 3-6 months for visible results. At times it takes even more.

For those who wish to understand with long term thinking and approach, don’t deem it as expensive, whereas, other do for the simple facts that:

  • results are not instant
  • a lot of resources is required with split testing to understand search engine technicalities

towards success and accomplishment for a sustained long term future. 

BPO mean Business Processing and Outsourcing or Information Technology Enabled Business Services (ITEBS).

It is the approach taken by companies or individuals of subletting or subcontracting certain or various business-related operations to third-party vendors to run and look after.

Call centers is the best example who are awarded various campaigns or contracts, like telemarketing campaigns (outbound cold calling), social media campaigns, provision of customer/technical support and resolution (inbound), inventory control, sales management, data entry and a lot more. 

For a better explanation and understanding, BPO’s function as a front office customer support and services and as a back office; in both cases, dependent on the nature of the outsourcing.

Companies preference to outsource to BPO’s is that,  it is extremely cost effective for a business or a business being run by a single individual.  The outsourcing entity pay’s the BPO for the services rendered.

It is all requirement dependent!

Irrespective of company need and size it is a good and cost effective option from the perspective of wanting to focus on more pressing needs of the company in terms of marketing & business development, or sales development or working on a budget or to many departments to manage or control and many other factors.

The decision to act now, pays off in the future!

Virtual Assistance is generally the provision of remotely providing services or assistance to a customer.

The services or assistance can be of any nature i.e. technical, administrative, creative and any other services, which one has the skills for.

Our Virtual Assistance comprises of the following:

  • Graphic Design 
  • Internet Marketing 
  • Logo Design 
  • SEO 
  • Proofreading 
  • Telemarketing 
  • PDF  to Word
  • Google Adsense 
  • Brochure Design 
  • Copy Typing 
  • Flyer Design 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Communications 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Content Writing 
  • Web Services 
  • Email Handling 
  • Web Development 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Appointment Setting 

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Practice active listening and follow through
Practice active listening and follow through
Practice active listening and follow through
Practice active listening and follow through